Sunday, 17 January 2021

My At Home Manicure Routine


I am a sucker for an at home manicure and that is because I am the most anti-social person in the whole world and I cannot think of anything worse than working a 10 hour shift in an office where I have to make small talk and then to go to a salon and have to speak to a nail technician for a couple of hours. Don’t get me wrong, I think you can have great life changing conversations with your nail tech, but by the time I am done with my day at work there is nothing left in the tank and I am sure that I always come across as rude. So, a couple of years ago I decided that I would become the own master of my manicure and I slowly but surely began to tech myself how to do my manicures at home.


When I first started out, I was a little over ambitious and I thought that I would become a queen at acrylic nails. It is safe to say that I never mastered acrylic nails and I simply ended up with a headache from the fumes in my bedroom and a set of nails that were chunky and fell of after around 2 hours. That was when I decided that gel would be the way to go because it looked just as simple as painting your nails. I bought a Sensationail kit from Boots and it did the job for a number of years, but I quickly learnt that if I wanted a high quality manicure, I was going to look into high quality products and that is when I stumbled across The Gel Bottle Inc. I am sure that if you guys stalk Instagram like I do, you will have seen these before!


The Gel Bottle Inc are just amazing, and they have so many great products and colours. The thing that really intrigued me the most about this gel brand was that they have the ‘BIAB’, which is a gel builder in a bottle, so you apply it with the same precision that you would a normal gel polish and you are good to go. I have tried other gel builders in the past, where you get a pot of product and a synthetic brush, but it is just messy and super sticky. This company is pro only, which means that you can only go ahead and purchase if you have previous experience in using gel items and if you have certification to prove that you have had training, luckily for me an old course that I did when I was 18 meant that I had a certificate that I could provide them with!


Anyway, my manicure that I am wearing and loving at the moment is a classic French. I was praying that there was going to be a day where the classic French moment made a comeback because for many years it was out of style, but I think that it is just super chic and I have been rocking it for many moons before Bella Hadid happened to walk out wearing it once. I use simply 4 products from The Gel Bottle Inc to get my manicure and that is the BIAB in the shade Teddy, Gel Polish in the shade Marshmellow, Gel Polish in the shade Daisy and then the Ultra Shine Top Coat. For me to do all of my manicure from having blank nails to my hands being completely finished it takes me only around an hour and a half and that is with me being super careful.


First off, I start with completely naked nails and I make sure that there is no remanence of my previous manicure in site. From there, I wipe over the nail with some pure acetone and after leaving it for a moment for that to soak in, I begin to go in with my product. I start out by adding one thin layer of the Teddy shade BIAB to my entire nail and then I cure under the lamp. I then apply a second layer of Teddy BIAB, but slightly thicker this time ensuring that I am avoiding the cuticle at all costs and capping of the nail well, before curing under the lamp I turn my hand upside down which helps to create the apex. I will then repeat this step until my nail is the kind of thickness that I require.


Once all of the layers of the Teddy BIAB are in place and cured, I go in with one layer of gel polish in the shade Marshmallow. This is a light pink shade which is super sheer and it just gives a nice wash of pink to the nails without looking overpowering or too Barbie pink. When the Marshmallow has been cured underneath the lamp, that is when I go in with the white Daisy shade to add the tips to my nails. I have tried to find the perfect way of getting the tips to look consistent and I find that the easiest way is to paint the gel polish on the tip of my thumb and then I press that to the tip of my nail and it gives me the most perfect white line across the end of my finger tip. After making the tip perfect, I then go in with two coats of clear coat just to ensure that it is super shiny and we are good to go!


Like I said, my manicure is super simple, and I tend to always stick to the same style as I find that it is classy and chic. I like my nails to look well-manicured, maintained and natural. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know if you have tried out any of these items and if you like to do your manicure at home or do you like going into the salon for a little pamper!


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