Tuesday, 18 August 2020

My Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

I think that it is about time for me to write a blog post all about my Louis Vuitton Pochette Handbag. I can remember when I was growing up in my mid-teens and seeing this handbag all over the likes of Pinterest and Instagram. As much as I wanted it back then, I knew that I was never going to own one, no matter how much I saved my money at the time and then Louis Vuitton went ahead and discontinued it. It wasn’t until around 5 years back when this handbag seemed to have a huge resurgence online and I fell completely in love with and, however this time I had the money in the bank and I was determined to get my hands on it for myself.


To say that it was hard to get my hands on this item would be an understatement. Even though this was listed on their website it was always out of stock. If I emailed Louis Vuitton regarding the Pochette Metis I would just get a generic response letting me know that they can help me pick out another style which is currently available. In the end, I called the head office in Paris and asked to speak to a customer service advisor. I was told that there was no official wait list, but I insisted that they take my contact details just in case. Around 8 months later after not hearing a peep back from them, a Paris number began to call my mobile and it was Louis Vuitton saying that they had a handbag in stock reserved under my name. I quickly whipped out my debit card, placed my order and show into London on the train to pick up my dream handbag.


I guess the first thing that I adore about this Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis handbag is the whole utilitarian vibe of the item. I love the simple size of the item, the lovely authentic strap and the gold hardware throughout. I know that some people are not entirely keen on the ‘in your face’ kind of logo and monogram, but I think that there is a time and a place for patterns like this and I have to admit that I still bloody adore the Louis Vuitton monogram. For me, everything about this stunning Pochette Metis just fits into my perfect style perfectly and I absolutely adore how it looks and how it makes me feel when I pair it with all of my outfits. I think that instant look of this item appeals to so many people and that is why it became such a cult classic item.


The second thing that I simply adore about this item and that I only came to learn about once I bought the handbag was how much space there is in this item for such a small looking item. There are two main pockets to the handbag itself, which is great if you are like me and you like your handbags to be meticulously organised whenever you are using them. There is also plenty of room in each of the pockets for a Apple Plus phone and my full size Mulberry Wallet. There is then another pocket on the front of the handbag, which is slightly narrower than the two main pockets and a zip on the back of the handbag which I have found is great for my cards for when I am jumping on and off the tube. I don’t think that there has ever been a time where I have wanted to fit something in this handbag and not being able to.


I have quite a collection now of designer handbags because it is something that I have been working on for almost a decade since I started in full time work and I believe that this Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis handbag may be one of my most complimented items in my entire wardrobe. This handbag pairs well with my almost entirely monochromatic wardrobe and I always find that the monogram just adds something a little classic and eye catching to my looks. Honestly, since purchasing this item I have fallen in love with this even more and I honestly do not regret spending a single penny on this absolutely wonderful item. I know that this is going to be in my handbag collection for many more years to come and I look forward to the days where this handbag really begins to show the age and love that this item receives!


What do you think about the Pochette Metis? Still a fan or has this handbag had its day?


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