Sunday, 2 August 2020

How I Organise My Closet

Loving clothes as much as I do means that my closet is something that ia especially important to me. When my husband and I were in rented accommodation there was not much that we could do in regard to personalising our closet space, so we just had to make do with that we had available to us, whilst being in somebody else’s house. When we were looking for our forever home, closet space and storage was very important to me which I kept an eye on. Granted, it was not at the forefront of my mind in the house buying decision making process, but as fashion is such a big part of my life, I knew that it was something that I would be looking into and making changes to further down the line.


So, I thought that in this blog post I would sit down and share with you guys all about my closet and my clothes storage solutions. Obviously, I would love to give myself our largest spare bedroom as a huge walk in wardrobe, but I decided against that and just to try and consolidate my clothes storage and maintain our spare rooms, especially the larger ones in case we do have children in the future. I did, however, claim the smallest spare bedroom as my dressing room and that is where I house all of my overpriced accessories and that is one of my favourite places in the whole house.


Firstly, the main bulk of my clothing is in the large built in wardrobe which we have in our bedroom. This is really in three large sections, one of which belongs to my husband and the other space is all mine. The hanging space is broken down into coats/jackets moving across into my dresses, then tops/blouses and finally trousers/skirts. I have little tricks that I do such as grouping items within each category by colour so that it is easier to place my hand on when I am looking for a specific item and as I wear something I rehang with the coat hanger facing in a different direction so that I can easily see what I a wearing and what is going unworn.


Within that closet space, I also had a set of drawers inserted. They are nothing fancy, just a set of the Malm drawers from Ikea because they fit perfectly underneath my trousers/skirts and it gives me the perfect place to store all of my knitwear and cashmere. It is so important to house luxury items such as these correctly and I find that folded perfectly within these drawers is the perfect solution I will also pop any other clothing items which I wear on a regular basis, but that probably do not need to be hung up such as my jeans and basic t-shirts.


To one side of the drawers and underneath some of my hanging clothes I use this as a storage area for some of the overspill of shoes and handbags which do not really fit in my walk in closet/dressing room. Normally these consist of items such as Ugg boots that would be worn once in a blue moon for days in the snow, hiking boots for big walks with the dog, etc. Also, I have some handbags which are simply too large to be on display like my Louis Vuitton Keepall and my Chanel Jumbo XXL Bag, so I keep them stuffed and in this area so that they are kept in the best condition possible.


Then, also in our bedroom, we have a large set of drawers where both my husband and I keep our much more boring items. We have our underwear, socks, pyjamas, gym clothes, etc. This is just a great solution because all of the essentials are easily reachable for the both of us and it means that we have a lovely and tidy way of storing our items whilst having a really good unit to place our TV and some lovely room d├ęcor on. I believe these drawers were the larger Hemnes from Ikea and they have been a godsend and with the slightly nicer back handles, they do not seem like normal Ikea drawers.


From our bedroom where the bulk of my clothes are stored, in the room next door is my dressing room. In here, I have a dressing table where I keep all of my makeup and hair tools. Then surrounding the room I have shelves where I store all of my expensive shoes and bags. I am known to splurge on items and I love to see them out on display and give them a little bit of love each day. Getting ready sat around all of my favourite items each day just gives me a little bit of a boost to keep going and spurs me on to work harder and earn some extra coin for more Chanel and Hermes!


I know that I am incredibly lucky to be able to give myself a room just to house all of my overpriced purchase and I never take it for granted. When we were previously in our previous (tiny) rented accommodation, I never thought that this would be possible, and I am so over the moon with the house that we get to call our own now. For me, my closet is something that has to be fully organised and easy to navigate. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know your thoughts and what your dream closet would be like!


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