Thursday, 21 January 2021

Marrying Young - The Questions and Thoughts


I got married to my soulmate in 2019 when I was only 24 years old. At the time, I understood that I was pretty young to be getting married by todays modern standards, but never in a million years did I think that I would receive half of the comments that I get about being married so young. A handful of the comments that we get from people are positive and they are happy for us, but more often than not we get shocked reactions from people who don’t really have anything positive to say about us making a commitment to one another. So, I thought that in my blog post I would sit down and share with you some of my thoughts on marrying young, why we made the decision to tie the knot, why we had such a short engagement and if we stand by our decision.


I guess that before I start this blog post, you really need a little background into my husband and I as a couple. We met at work when we were only 19 years old. It was my second serious relationship, but the first serious relationship for my partner. We started out by dating, whilst we were still living at home with our parent, but we got serious very quickly and we have not looked back since. After around 3 months of dating he unofficially moved in with me – which means that he stayed over that much that he just slowly moved himself in without us even talking about it. From then, we have just had a very happy and stable relationship. There has never been raised voices, arguments or breaking up. It has been easy sailing and I am so grateful for that because when we look at our friend’s relationships, we know that is not always the case.


After being together for around 7 years, my now husband got down on one knee and proposed to me in our favourite place in the world, Florence. It was the dream proposal and it only made me more and more excited for what our wedding could be like. Even though I don’t necessarily believe in the old-fashioned constitution of marriage, I do think that there is something incredibly special about connecting and loving somebody so much that you wholeheartedly want to commit in a public manor to one another. We knew that a wedding with both of our families there would turn into a big function because we are both blessed with such large families, so we decided to put the breaks on the plans and take it steady and just slowly begin to make plans for our wedding.


Once we returned home from Florence, we had quite a rocky year to say the least. Our relationship was as steady as a rock, however one of our close friends was tragically killed in a car accident, my husbands dad was diagnosed with cancer, my grandfather/best friend passed away suddenly and then his widow, my wonderful nan was diagnosed with two forms of cancer and chemotherapy had to start while she was in the grieving process. During this period, we were put through the ringer good and proper and it tested us mentally, but the one consistent that we had through all of these horrendous tragedies was one another and it made our bond even stronger. After the funeral of our friend and seeing his wife grief so publicly at the funeral, my husband grabbed me by the hand and said that we should just go ahead and get married because life is simply too short. Three months later and we were married.


I will say that once the date was set, our families were elated for us. They knew how much of a stable couple we were and had been with us every single step of the way and they were so happy. Our friends on the other hand, especially my husband’s friends had reservations. I think that boys/men especially in their early twenties do struggle to think rationally when one of their pals is getting hitched, especially if they are still living the single lifestyle and have never been in a deep and committed relationship. I knew that it was nothing personal on me, but I think they were worried they would lose a pal to married life. The general consensus though was that people knew us as a couple and it was only natural for us to get hitched to one another.


Since getting married, we have been blissfully happy. I don’t think that marriage has changed our relationship in any kind of way, but I do think that it has just helped to solidify us and I love that we took the plunge and decided just to go ahead and tie the knot. I think that old saying of ‘when you know, you will know’ is right and I have no doubt in my mind that I truly did marry my soulmate and that we have this for keeps.


Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think about marriage. Would you like to get married? Is there an age that you think is the right age to get hitched?


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