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Tuesday, 10 November 2020


For many years the Valentino Rockstuds were a pair of heels that simply lived on my ever-growing wish list and I longed to own them. I think that heels like this just suit my style down to an absolute tee because they are that beautiful and sexy silhouette while still having a grungy feel to them with all of the studs. These are literally my dream shoes and I want every single colour that they have available. It wasn’t until I was the maid of honour for my sister a couple of years back that I decided that I deserved a treat for doing such a great job and for such a special occasion and that is when I went across to Selfridges in Manchester and I bought these absolutely stunning heels, so I thought that I would chat to you about some of the key points on the shoes and if I think they are worth the high price tag!


Heel Height. I think that this is something super important whenever speaking about heels and that is why I am leading with it in this blog post. I went for the highest heel height in these shoes and that is the 100mm option, I believe that they have two other heel heights which are smaller than this, but for me the 100mm is perfect. I find that this is a perfectly manageable heel height without making me feel like I am towering over people and they are sexy still. Any shorter heel height than these and I feel like I may as well be wearing flats!


Colour of the Shoes. I opted for nude because at the time, they went incredibly well with my bridesmaid dress that I was wearing to my sister’s wedding and I am so glad that I went for these. Everybody needs a good pair of nude shoes in their collection and I think that the nude shade of these patent heels is just out of this world. I believe the colour of these shoes is Poudre and I think that it is just the best shade that I have ever seen these beautiful heels in. Plus, because they are a nude they give the illusion of longer legs and I am always happy about that!


Comfort Level. Heels will only be comfortable to you, if you are an established heel wearer. I have high heels from countless brands and in comparison, to some of these, I think that these are super comfortable for a pair of heels. The toe box is plenty wide enough for feet like mine which are on the broader side of the spectrum. I also feel like the straps up the foot and around the ankle really help your foot to feel supported in the shoes and that means that you walk much taller and with more confidence. If you are new to heels these will be uncomfortable, but for me I can walk all day in these with no issues


Wearability. Even though these stunning Valentino Rockstuds are a little more in your face than normal heels because of the studs surrounding them, I still think that they have absolutely amazing wearability. I throw these on all of the time, and I think that they pair so well with so many outfits. I will wear them with dresses throughout summer months and I have my legs on show, throughout the winter when I am wearing a cashmere jumper and a pair of boyfriend fit jeans. No matter what the outfit is and the occasion, these are a great accompaniment.


Price Tag. When I bought these Valentino heels, they were £650 which is very expensive for a pair of heels when you can buy a pair of Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin’s for £450. I think that personally for me with how much I wear them, they are worth the cash, but I would say that it is definitely a purchase that you need to think long and hard about before jumping in with both feet. If these are going to be a special occasion shoe that you only bring out twice a year, it will take a very long time to get your cost per wear!


I hope that if you are thinking about treating yourself to a pair of these stunning Valentino heels that this blog post helps you out to make a well-informed decision. I wear these heels all of the time and reach for them continually, but I am an avid heel lover and wearer. Think about the price tag relative to your income and how much you need to wear them in order for them to be a feasible purchase. If you own a pair of Rockstuds or you long to own a pair of them make sure that you are leaving me a comment down below and let me know if you think they are worth the cash!

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