Turning 26!

Sunday, 25 October 2020

I find the aging process to be somewhat of a privilege. I can remember being in my early twenties and I was absolutely dreading my birthday because it meant that I was becoming an adult and I think I wanted to stay the ripe age of 19 forever. It wasn’t until I had to attend the local cancer hospital every single day with my grandma that I realised that not everybody gets to hit their milestone birthdays and from that very moment I decided that I would embrace every single birthday and be grateful that I have another year under my belt, but for some reason 26 has just hit me a little different to every other birthday.


I don’t know what it was about turning 26 that just seemed to fill me with worry, but even in the build up to my birthday, I was just super nervous about it. I can remember feeling a similar way last year, but I think I was still riding high from just getting married and receiving the keys to our first home, so my birthday seemed to take a little bit of a backstep. I guess the thing that really hit me for the first time this year is that I really am a fully-fledged adult and things are only going to get harder and more serious from this point on.


I think my moment of realisation was when we had people around to our house the other week for a small get together before my birthday. I had some family and a couple of our friends there and it just made me realise that this was my life. I was married to the love of my life, I owned my dream home, my ideal car was sat on my driveway and I was besotted with all of the children in my life and I realised that it probably wouldn’t be all that long before I start to think about my own family. I think just the sudden realisation of all of that sent me of into a spiral and I began panicking.


Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t heavily breathing into a brown paper bag or anything like that, but it just made me feel so grown up. I feel like I grew very quickly out of the whole clubbing and heavy drinking scene and I settled into a perfectly domesticated life, while still having a crazy night out every now and again. I absolutely do not miss the old days of going out all night long and tottering around in sky scraper heels and getting blisters on my feet and horrendous hangovers, but I just cannot remember when I got to be so grown up.


As I said, growing older is a privilege that few too many people do not get the privilege of and I know that I am in such a fortunate situation to be at this point in my life where I am incredibly content with every single aspect of my work, social and personal life. 26 for me, just seems to be such a hurdle for me and I have to sit and wonder what the next few years of my life will have in store for me. Maybe I will do another post this time next year and let you know if I am stressing out about turning 27!


Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know if you ever reached a pivotal moment in your life when you realised that you were an adult!

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