My Gucci Marmomt Bag

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

For today’s fashion post I am going to have a chat all about my Gucci Marmont handbag. I think that it was around 5 years ago that this handbag was first released, and I can remember seeing all of the hype about this item when it first started to make traction on the likes of YouTube and Instagram. As much as I liked the bag at the time, I did not run out and pick it up for myself because I am always very cautious about keeping far away from ‘trend’ items that are in today and gone tomorrow. It wasn’t until this had been on the market for around a year and it seemed to be staying pretty solid as a crowd pleaser, so I took myself off to Selfridges in Manchester and I decided that it was finally time to treat myself.


I knew that I wanted the black Gucci Marmont handbag because I was lacking a good quality black evening handbag from my collection. The next decision that I had to make was what material I wanted the bag in. My choices were between the leather or a velvet and I decided that I would go for the velvet option because my personal opinion was that the leather option was a little too shiny for what I personally like. As much as I loved the appearance of the black velvet version, I have often thought back and wondered if I did it purely because it was the thick of the winter and the velvet version was the cosier option. Regardless, I had the bag and I was obsessed with how it looked. It was the classic Gucci Marmont, with the iconic symbol and the chunky strap, but thanks to the velvet it wasn’t blatantly obvious what it was!


The actual size of the handbag which I bought was the largest one that they had available. Even though I am a lover of a lovely and petite handbag, if I am spending an arm and a leg on an item, I want to make sure that I am never going to struggle for space and that is why I opted for the larger size. I know that I can confidently fit my largest iPhone, makeup bag and lots of other bits inside this without any issues. I can even carry my full-size Mulberry Wallet inside this bag without any qualms or compromises having to be made. I know that the large size of this handbag would not be for everybody, but because of the size I feel like I have more than got my moneys worth out of this item over the years and there genuinely is no arguing with that.


I guess the main thing that I need to talk about in this blog post is if I still love this item almost 5 years later. I think that the overall style of the handbag is still without a doubt a truly lovely item and I am still glad that I have it in my collection. Do I use it all that much these days? Not as much as I should do. I think I love this handbag because I have so many amazing memories where I was carrying this handbag and that does mean hell of a lot to me. I think if I was looking in my collection for a black handbag these days, I would go towards my Dior Saddle, Chanel Double Flap or my Fendi Peekaboo. I think that this bag defines a certain period of time in my life and my style evolution and that is why I like to keep it with me.


I do think that if the year was 2020 and I had around £!500 to spend on a black handbag, I would see what I can get from the likes of Fendi, Prada or Louis Vuitton. I feel like Gucci has ran its course in my style evolution, but I will always love this handbag not just because it is beautiful to look at, but because it was such an accomplishment when I picked it up.


Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think. Do you think that Gucci has had its day, or do you still wear or want to invest in their pieces?

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