Why We Had A Quiet Wedding

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Some of you guys may already know that in September of 2019 I got married to my lovely husband. To say that we broke the mould and have a very simple and paired back wedding would be putting it mildly, but we loved the day and made the most of every single moment of our day. We got ready with one another in the morning time, we travelled to the venue together, there was no walking down the aisle, only 10 people attended the ceremony, there was no first dance, no fixed three course meal, no speeches and the music was 100% selected by the two of us and al of these things made our day absolutely perfect for us.


We understand completely that our wedding day would not be for everybody, but we had our reasons for having a simple wedding and honestly looking back, I would not change a single thing about our entire day. So I thought that I would write a blog post today all about some of the reasons why we had a simple wedding and why we encourage other people to really think about the wedding traditions that you want to include in a part of your wedding day because you really can do anything that you want, regardless of what couples have done before you!



When I say this, please do not think that it is a personal attack on anybody and other peoples relationships, because we know that so many people long for a large wedding, but we just did not need it. We did not need to spend the best part of 20K in order to want to marry each other. It is a massive bonus that our wedding cost just a few thousand pounds, but honestly money barely even came into our thinking. If you truly love each other, it is about the two of you coming together, not the pissing content that seems to be happening at the moment with the absolutely massive and extravagant weddings. Spending hoards of cash does not make you any happier.


Family Politics

Another reason why we wanted a small wedding was to cut out some of the family politics. Like I said, we had only 10 people at our wedding and that was simply our immediate family and our grandparents. No friends were invited and those which attended the ceremony were not allowed plus ones. It sounds really harsh, but it is just more simple than trying to fit our very large families into the small numbers which are allowed at the ceremonies and we know that we will always look back on our wedding pictures and know and love everybody in the shots!


We Have Been to Many Weddings and Know What We Like

My husband and I are of the age where many of our friends have gotten married and from that we learnt some of the things that we liked from weddings and many of the things that we did not like. It made us realise that for us, many of the normal wedding traditions such as the speeches and first dances were more cringey then they were special. I know that we probably sound like mardy arses, but it is just our honest opinion. It helped us to mould our day into something that was perfect for us.


We Are Particular People

As the point above probably already makes us look, my husband and I are quite particular and we are cut from the same cloth. We would hate to wear stuffy outfits and feel unconfrtable all day long. We would not like it if we had to dance just the two of us in front of all of our desks and we would have hated for a DJ to play a cheesy wedding playlist. Instead of just going along with the norm for a wedding, we made sure that if we are paying money for other people to attend a massive party on our behalf, it had to be the perfect occasion for us and not just what other people expected.


We Know What the People in Our Life Want

Obviously, we both realised that a wedding is about so much more than just the two of us and we wanted the occasion to be special for our guests, but we also know our family and group of friends incredibly well. If we had a three course meal of pretentious food, our guests would have been bored, if we had speeches they would heckle us and if we had Cotton Eyed Joe on in the evening they would have been bored. Honestly, so many of our guests have said how much they loved our day and how much fun it was in comparison to so many other weddings that they had been to!


Like I said above, we could have had a big wedding that costs near on £30,000, but it would not have made us any happier. Honestly, the pictures of my husband and I from our wedding day are absolutely hilarious and that is because we laughed the entire day long and we just had a blast. We had been to so many weddings over the past couple of years where even the most fun people seemed stressed and uncomfortable in their wedding finery. I know that not everybody will want something as simple as us, but I really do encourage people to think about their day, what they want out of it and what their guests will want. We have had nothing but praise form people about how much fun they had at our wedding and they themselves wished that they did more to adapt the day for themselves. 

Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know if you are planning your wedding or what kind of wedding you will have or that you have already had!

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