Sunday, 27 September 2020

Tan Luxe - The Drops and The Gradual Review

I uploaded a blog post the other week all about my tanning routine and why I avoid actually laying out and basking in the sun. To cut an exceptionally long story short, following my grandmas skin cancer diagnosis, I now opt for ‘shade-bathing’ and I use a good sunless tanner. I am quite fortunate in the fact that I have a very olive complexion that does catch the sun very easily, so even when I am stripped bare from my tanner, I still have a little base colour left on my skin. Over the years I have tried out so many different products and I feel like I have my tanning routine down to a fine art, but that means that when something new like Tan Lux products seems to dominate the market, I need to get my hands on it and try it out.


The two products that I have purchased in the first instance is The Face drops and The Gradual lotion. These were the two products that I feel like everybody in the world was using other than me and the results that I had seen online from these items really were absolutely beautiful. My only thought with these products, especially The Gradual lotion was that it would not be deep enough for my undertone and the colour which I normally achieve when I use my Loving Tan Ultra Dark Mousse. I want to start off this blog post by just putting it out there that these are some of the most beautiful tanning products that I have ever used and I know that I am going to be using these products for many years to come because of how much they have changed my false tanning routine for the better.


First up, I will start with The Face Drops. I bought these because even though I like how the sunless tanner looks on my face when I just use my normal Loving Tan on my face, I am worried that it is clogging my pores and not doing amazing things to my skin. What I started doing was mixing a couple of drops of this product in with my moisturiser in an evening and I was waking up to the most divine colour on my face and I feel like I am now hooked. I feel like the difference between the Tan Luxe The Face Drops and my normal Loving Tan Mousse is that The Drops give a much more natural and sun kissed look to the skin, whereas the normal mousse that I use can sometimes look a little too deep to be considered as natural.


Now, onto The Gradual, which for me is the winner out of these two products. On its own, I have to say that this product is not really deep enough for my skin, but I use this to help prolong the lifespan of my Loving Tan Mousse. Each Sunday evening, I will go into my bathroom wearing nothing but my birthday suit and I will begin my tanning routine for the week. I go in with one layer of Loving Tan Ultra Dark Mousse all over my body and then once I am nearly dry, I will add another layer to my chest where I find my tan does not develop very well. Then, throughout the week after my daily showers I will just go in with this product as my normal body moisturiser. I find that this helps to keep my tan looking incredibly smooth and I never get it looking broken up on my skin.


I have been using these two products together now like this for a couple of months and I can honestly say that I am in love with how my skin is looking and how bronzed I always look. I no longer have those awful down days where my skin is looking less than perfectly tanned. I feel like my skin used to look a little worse for wear by Friday and Saturday when I was ready for a fresh layer of tan on the Sunday evening, but that is no longer the case thanks to both of these products. I know that I am going to be spending my cash on these for many years to come because I love how they make me look and feel. I just wish that I had joined in sooner and bought these absolutely beautiful products months back when I first saw them being splashed all over the internet!


Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried out any Tan Luxe products and what you thought about them!


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