Wednesday, 23 September 2020

How Coronavirus Effected Us

I have said it before, and I will say it again that I am incredibly grateful that my family and I came out of the coronavirus relatively unscathed when it comes to our health. We did have a couple people that had to go and get tested because of the track and trace system but were very fortunately they all had negative results. I know that not all families were so lucky and to those people my heart really does go out to you. There is nothing that compares to the pain of losing a loved one, but when it is so sudden and unexpected, it only hurts more. This is going to be a much lighter blog post about some of the issues the Coronavirus caused for us which we have had to change, alter and cancel all together.


I guess the first thing for me that COVID changed was our holidays. Like so many people out there, we had three holidays booked between April and July, all of which got cancelled. Obviously, it is just one of those things and so many of us were in the same boat, so you can’t really get angry and moan about it. The thing for me was that I wanted my money back for everything, not just vouchers or well wishes from your cheaper Airline brands that were laying it on thick about laying off their staff. I work super hard for my money and if my holiday is cancelled indefinitely, I don’t want a voucher, I want to see the money back in my bank account. Most travel companies were unwilling, but luckily, we book everything through our credit cards, and we were able to speak to the bank and get all of our money back!


The other thing for me was that I am a creature of habit and my routine was entirely thrown. I know that to most people this is probably quite a small thing, but to somebody with OCD like myself, it is something that is super important to me and I need to have structure to my daily life to come out of the other side of the day in a good frame of mind. The whole working from home thing was really the straw that broke the camels back. Like I said, I still feel lucky that I did not contract Coronavirus, but it did affect my mental health and I know that it was a similar story for so many other people out there that have issues with mental health disorder and been trapped in the house for so long really wasn’t good for me.


Seeing my family, I think really was the main kicker for me in the midst of everything. As you may know from other blog posts that I have written, I help look after my grandma. My grandma is a wonderful and strong woman, but she lost her husband, my grandad a couple of years back and she is just incredibly lonely. Before the lockdown happened, I was going to see her a minimum of 5 days a week, but obviously when the harsh lockdown happened, I was told that I could no longer go to see her. Even though I knew that I should not be seeing her because of the lockdown, I knew that for her mental wellbeing that she could not be completely on her own for the next 12 weeks. I cut down visiting her to just two days a week and I was going into the house wearing a mask and gloves and making sure that I was keeping more than 2meters away from her. It was hard and there was tears through loneliness, but we got through it.


With work, I am grateful that I am back in the office and my full-time job is still thriving. Fortunately for me, I worked the entire way through the lockdown process, and I was never furloughed, which is great for me because it meant that I still had some structure in my day. I will say though that there have been huge changes in my workplace in general. Through the lockdown process we had around half of our staff on furlough, which meant that those still working really had to pick up the pace. Plus, a couple of months back there were redundancies at our place, which is something completely new for our company and it really did create a shift in the atmosphere.


As I said, I know that we came out of the lockdown process and the first peak pretty unscathed and that many families and individuals out there were not so lucky. Lets just all remember to wear our masks, wash our hands and not be nob-heads at the pubs on a weekend!


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