Thursday, 6 August 2020

The Opportunities I Gained From Blogging

The other week I was speaking to a very eagled eyed reader who reached out to me to ask if I used to have a different blog under another name. I used to have a little space on the internet called ‘Danielle Alexa’ which was my labour of love for 5 whole years. I worked so hard on that blog and towards the end it reached absolutely dizzying heights which are still quite hard for me to believe. As much as I loved that blog, I reached a stage in my personal life where I was unable to dedicate as much time and attention to my blog due to family commitments and instead of letting the standards slip on the blog which I had worked so hard on, I made the very painful and hard decision to let go of the blog and refocus my attention on my family where it needed to be.


Since deleting my blog back in the April of 2019, I have felt like there has been something missing in my life. More than anything, my blog was a space for me to write and get things off my chest and all of a sudden that had been gone. I used to write primarily reviews on beauty items, but towards the end I was writing honest and open posts about mental health, what I was feeling and the issues that I was facing and it was like a form of therapy for me and I had hundreds of friends commenting and showing me some love in the comments section which is what I needed at the time. Aside from abusing my blog and using it as a free form of therapy, I gained some incredibly experience and opportunities from my time blogging and I thought that I would share them with you today.


 Meeting Likeminded People

For me, one of the most amazing things from starting my blog was creating true friendships with so many likeminded people. We would find each other by having similar content on our sites and then reaching out and having a conversation with them. Back in the day, we may have done a blog swap to try and reach new audiences, but at the beginning of 2019 it was less blog swaps and more just wanting to connect with somebody working towards something similar as yourself and having the same hurdles to try and leap over.


Forcing Me Out of My Comfort Zone

I am a creature of habit through and through, but blogging changed that. All of a sudden, I was forced in front of the camera, not just behind it. I was going on brand trips completely on my own, something that I would have never done before. I reached out to people on a whim to take a risk on a new friendship, something again that pre-blogging I would have never done in a million years. Blogging was the thing that really gave me a kick up the arse and helped me to be so much more independent, which I really needed.


Amazing Accolade on my CV

I work in marketing for my day job and SEO is a huge part of that. I now have a set of statistics from a website that I completely built from scratch where I hustled and brought in hundreds of thousands of visitors on a daily basis. I now keep a file with my blog statistics attached to my CV so that if I ever think about moving to a new company, I can show them what I can achieve and that I can do it 100% on my own without a company name behind me and a team of other people.


Amazing PR

I was a couple of years into my blogging life when I was first contacted by Charlotte Tilbury to begin receiving their PR. They were the first company to reach out to me and I can remember running around my place of work and absolutely jumping for joy that one of my favourite brands wanted to work with me. From there, after showing their products on my Instagram and blog, other brands quickly began to follow, and I ended up receiving PR from so many of my all time favourite brands. I was incredibly lucky and when I stopped blogging I asked to be removed from lists because I felt like it could be going to a better home where the brand would get something back.


Working with World Class Brands

This one kind of ties in to my point above, but for somebody who adores to many big brands out there, it is amazing to work collaboratively with big brands. It might be a post to show people what is new at Net-A-Porter, a makeup tutorial using a specific brand which people can purchase from Selfridges. No matter what it is, it is an amazing privilege to work with the brands which you have bought so much from over the years as an equal.



Finally, I want to mention the money. I had to work incredibly hard on my blog for around 4 years before the money that I was gaining from my blog was anything worth writing home about. That was via affiliate marketing, AdSense and from paid for sponsorships from brands. I would say a couple of months before I threw the towel in I was earning more via my blog than I was in my full time job. My issue with the money from blogging was that it was never promised and every month varied massively and with my OCD, that is something that I cannot deal with.


If you ask me, there is one million different reasons why you would want to get into blogging, but for me it is that level of connectivity with people. It is outstanding to create friendships for live in just speaking about the things that are on your mind which you want to talk about. If anybody is thinking about creating a blog, I would suggest jumping into it with both feet but only if you have the right intentions, the money is not the most important thing and it can be hard to reach a level where the money is comparative to a normal wage.


Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know if you are a blogger, how did you get into it and what are some of your best opportunities.  


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  1. Good to see you back at Blogging. Ask me how I get excited about a PR of a brand which is already in my wishlist 😬

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