Saturday, 22 August 2020

How I Earn Money

I feel like it is a very British thing, but for some reason none of us like to speak about money. I am always happy to have a conversation about money because I think that the only way that woman will begin to break through the glass ceiling and ensure that we are earning the same amongst the men that we work with is to actually speak openly about the cash that we earn. Aside from that, I though that for this blog post I would sit down and share with you guys some of the ways in which I earn cash. I am very lucky at the moment that I am able to earn money in more ways than one and I am trying to build up the cash that I have and pay off as much of my mortgage as I can. So, I thought that I would share some of the ways which I earn money with you today…


My Full Time Job

I work full time in sales and marketing, and it is a bloody hard job. I simply used to work in the marketing department before getting promoted and even though it is naturally more money, the responsibility has increased tenfold. I will admit that through all the hard work and the pressure, I do still love my job and I look forward to going there every day. I think that hell of a lot can be said for actually enjoying your job and I am in a very fortunate position.

My Blog

Even though I do not earn anywhere near the same amount via my blog as what I once did, I still earn enough to make a difference. This is via sponsored posts, AdSense and affiliate links. I completely see my blog a just a hobby and any money that I do gain from my blog I tend to leave it sitting in a separate account and then I put that very money back into my blog either via new products which I review or in the upkeep of my blog which can be pretty expensive every now and again if you are having a revamp.


Freelance Writing

Following the success with my first blog, I was approached by a leading fashion retailer to do some freelance writing for their products and website. At the time, I was overjoyed and I couldn’t believe that I had been given the opportunity Since I added that experience to my CV, I approached another 2 of my favourite high-end fashion retails and now I am given freelance writing opportunities for their websites and mailshots. Working freelance is great because I have the flexibility and I get paid a pretty penny!


I didn’t write this blog post to gloat in any kind of way about how much money I am earning. I would never write anything with that being the intention. I wanted to write this blog post to say that with bloody hard work, you can get really great rewards. I feel like at the moment, the workload which I have is immense, but I want to earn as much and build myself a nest egg whilst I have these amazing opportunities. There is nothing wrong with working hard and being proud of the rewards that you are reaping because of it. I want to encourage more people to speak honestly about cash and get the conversation going.


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  1. Good to know that you still earn via blog via sponsored posts.. AdSense earnings in my case are a bit slow but that's okay since something is better than nothing..

    Skincare Villa


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