Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Journey To Buying Our Home

Buying a house was not an easy or straightforward thing for me and my husband. We first started looking for a house to buy in the April of 2016 and we only got the keys to our first property with one another in September of 2019. I know that out home buying story is very long and laborious in comparison to other peoples, but I think that ours is a very realistic time scale and it just goes to show that buying your first property is not something that you should be running into and there is so much that can go wrong along the way. So, I thought that for today’s blog post I would sit down and share with you guys some of the things that we have gone through on the long and bumpy road to getting to this point.


Firstly, I feel like I should start by saying that my husband and I both had a very clear idea in our head that we wanted to buy a home with one another and we never wanted a quick and temporary solution of renting a property together. To us, renting is just wasting money that could be spent paying off our own mortgage, so we decide that we would live between our parents houses until we could get money together for a deposit and finally start looking for properties. I know that we were in a very fortunate position to be able to go ahead and jump straight into buying rather than renting and I completely understand that sometimes people do not have a choice as they need a quick solution, but we knew that this was something that we would be able to take our time with to save and find the right place.


Not long after we reached our saving goal, we saw a property online with lots of potential and in the prefect area and we decided to go ahead and have a viewing. We fell in love with the old house and our minds started running away with all of the changes that we would do to make the place our own and before we even had a chance to think about it we were putting in an offer. After lots of backwards and forwards the offer was accepted and we were on the path to becoming homeowners. We went through the entire mortgage process, paid out our money for all of the surveys and approvals only to be sorely disappointed when we got the results back from the bank.


Essentially what had happened in our dream home was that the old couple that had lived there for the past 60 years had made many changes to the house, all without official regulations. Such as, all of the windows had been changed, with no paperwork and even worse a supporting wall had been knocked down and there was no RSJ put in place, nobody official had come to the house or anything,. Because of this, we had to reach back out to the couple with some serious queries. Essentially, the bank was not willing to loan us money against a property that could potentially at any point fall down because a main supporting wall had been knocked down. We went back to the sellers with this query and they said that it was our issue and we would have to try and pay cash instead of getting a mortgage. It ended very uncomfortable with us pulling out of the purchase (obviously) and the eldest son of the family knocking on our door (because the estate agent told them our address) trying to cause a fight.


Needless to say, after that whole debacle and all of the money that we lost, we decided to leave it some time until we would go ahead and start looking for another house


The next house that we saw was even more perfect than the first house that we saw. It was in the ideal area, hell of a lot more modern than the first one and I could genuinely see us building a life there. We went for a viewing the very day that the sign was put up and we were the first people to go and view the house. We fell in love with it and I knew that it was going to be mine. Little did I know at the time that a millionaire had purchased the house, renovated it and wanted to create a bidding war around the house. We go the knockback three times for the house and the last offer that we put in was massively above asking. We would either have to find the extra money from somewhere, because the bank obviously would not loan out more than the house was worth.


The house was listed on the market initially for £320,000 and our final bid was at £340,000. At this stage we decided to walk away. By the time we finished bidding on this house, there was 8 couples involved and later we found out that the house had been sold for nearly £80,000 more than the asking price, which is absolutely ridiculous. When people mention how hard it is to buy a house, it is because of reasons like this and absolute arseholes that are willing to rinse people of their hard-earned cash just to be greedy. In the area that area where we wanted to live, this was the issue that we kept running into because it was quite affluent where people had more money than sense and this situation ended up happening more than once.


We then saw a house a little further afield that ticked all of the boxes and I decided that I would go ahead and book a viewing. Even though the house was only 15 minutes away from where we lived, it was a new area to the both of us and we did not know what to expect. From the very first viewing, I was in love and I knew I was going to put in an offer. It was the perfect family home and just by travelling a little further afield, we could get almost twice as much house for our money which is just absolutely craziness. The couple whose house we went to view actually liked my husband and I that much that they were willing to go under the asking price and they had already accepted an offer from somebody else, which they revoked because they wanted us to build a life in their previous home.


From that moment, everything just seemed to fall into place. The house sale went through merrily and the rest is history. I just wanted to write this blog post because it is very rarely smooth sailing when it comes to buying a house, but I really do think that we are the confirmation that everything is meant to happen for a reason. Had we not had those trials and tribulations to begin with, we would not be in this absolutely breath-taking house now that I still pinch myself that we own.


Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know what your house buying process was like and if you had to pay your dues like my husband and I did.


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