Saturday, 25 July 2020

Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Foam Review

I think that it is time for my first beauty post here on my blog and this is going to be all about the Bondi Sands Aero Self-Tanning Foam. I am no stranger to a good at home tanner, so when I saw this doing the rounds on social media and YouTube I knew that I was going to have to get my hands on it and try it out for myself. I was seeing people like Carli Bybel and Sammi Robinson trying this out and the colour of them after using the Ultra Dark was that stunning that I had to log onto the Boots website and purchase myself a bottle almost instantly. From the very first time that I used this I had some questions and I immediately jumped on Google to see if I was the only one with certain questions.


The first time that I used this tanner, the first thing that I noticed was just how green it was. I was stood in my bathroom, ready to false tan and as soon as I pumped some of this out onto the mitt, I had to just stand and stare at it for a moment. I completely understand that a green base tanner helps to get the olive look on your skin, but this honestly looked like a dirty version of the Hulk had been squeezed out of the bottle. Straight after application there was a definite green hue to my skin and I would even say that after this dried down and the base layer was showered off, I still felt like there was a green tint to my skin. I have used many tanners over the years, and this is the greenest thing that I have ever put near my skin.


The other thing which I guess I just did not understand about this Bondi Sands false tanner was how quickly it dried down on my skin.  I pumped out a big dollop onto my mitt and just as I began to apply it to my skin and buff it in, I could feel that it had dried down and I ended up a complete patchy mess. I am a pro tanner if I do say so myself and I have never used anything quite as difficult to use as this product. It also made my skin feel quite uncomfortable because I was attempting like mad to buff a dry product into the skin with my mitt and it was just straight up dry. The only thing that I could do to try and rectify this was by going in with even more product, but then I just felt like I had an awful build up on my skin.


I also found that with this tanner, especially in comparison to some of the other high-end tanners that I have used and loved, this just seemed to wash off pretty quickly. Straight after application using the Ultra Dark and allowing time for it to develop, it did feel very dark indeed, but after one shower to get the base layer off it felt like a very light and natural tan, whereas I wanted something deeper and I just felt like I could not get that from this product. I also felt like in some areas, like the drier areas of my body, even after using a moisturiser to act as a barrier, this went so dark and was a nightmare to try and get off my skin.


I really do wish that I could find a positive within this product because I don’t want my first beauty blog post here on my new space to be so negative, but I cannot find anything about this product that would make me want to reach for this over other items or actually go out and buy another to have in stock in my cabinet for when I next need a tanner. Make sure to leave me a comment down below and let me know if you have tried this Bondi Sands Aero Tanner and what you thought about it. I have looked online to see if I maybe had a dud item, but there was nothing that was very conclusive. I think for me, this was a fail and I know that I will be sticking with my Loving Tan moving forward!


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